As a basic starter for my blog I have a few ideas for series I have started to work on and a few projects I have in mind to eventually dabble in. Here’s a brief rundown of whats in store for this site.

Kill the GUI is my idea for trying to go back to the simplicity of the command line interface of yesteryear. As a millennial I have been accustom to every operating system having a graphical interface. I feel that the power of the command line is lost in my generation.

Project Euler is where I will take on problems from Project Euler with the most basic knowledge in C++. I will strive to be completely transparent with my progress (mistakes and all). As a side note I also want to try a PE+ series where I try to add additional feature to my existing solutions.

Hardware Where I showcase hardware projects, reviews or ideas. Showcase setups and homebrews.

Story Time This will be some old lessons learned or situations where I had to adapt or learn on my feet.

Beginner Exercises is a set of example program ideas with additional bonus challenges. Each problem is centered around learning fundamental concepts behind programming. Here is a link to the article.

Future Projects:

  • A raspberry pi based hadoop cluster
  • home server running linux
  • experimenting with old hardware

TLDR: What’s coming in the next few weeks.