From a young age I was always fascinated by two things; the human body and computers. It always amazed me that something as simple as transistors could compute math problems faster than a human could. Naturally, nothing I owned stayed together for very long.

While growing up, I discovered I had a knack for troubleshooting simple PC problems and became the stereotypical “IT kid” of the family. During high school I jumped at the chance to take vocational schooling for the IT field and managed to gain a Comptia A+ certification at 16. At the time I also managed to become the sysadmin of a small doctors office.

After high school I pursued a degree in computer science from Oklahoma State University, but laziness and a recently discovered diagnosis of ADHD brought that endeavor to an abrupt halt. My next option was to join the Navy to get money to attempt another run at my computer science degree. While serving I rekindled my love for computing and decided to start this blog to document my unorthodox adventure into the world of computers!